Quality, Environment and Food Safety Policy

Almeida & Filhos, Lda is a company dedicated to the manufacture of meat products, whose purpose is the production of traditional sausages of high quality, and oriented towards the satisfaction of the main agents of its activity: The Client, the supplier, the employees and society.

Almeida & Filhos, implemented a Quality, Environment and Food Safety Management System, based on the following principles:

1.Food Safety

Ensure the quality and food safety of its products through the identification, assessment and control of inherent dangers.

2. Compliance with legal requirements

Compliance with legal, regulatory and customer requirements.

3. Focus on customers

Ensuring the satisfaction of its customers, Almeida & Filhos, strives to satisfy the requirements established by its customers, seeking to exceed their expectations.

4. Partnership with suppliers

In order to ensure the quality of its products, the company requires all suppliers to strictly comply with the rules, and other compliance obligations.

5. Continuous Improvement

Ensure the continuous improvement of the Quality Management System.

6. Communication and Training

Promote information and training for all employees, as well as for all interested parties, namely suppliers and customers.

7. Social Responsibility

The Company ensures that aspects relevant to the protection of ethics, safety and health at work are taken into account.

8.Environmental Responsibility

It assumes an environmentally responsible attitude and is oriented towards the protection of the environment, especially in the context of the rational and sustainable use of natural and energy resources.

9. Profitability

With a view to reducing costs and in order to ensure viability and economic success, the company continuously seeks to optimize its processes and performance.